Polymarm Technical Data Sheet

Polymarm Luxury Panels are extruded composite sheets with the following properties:

  • Designed for indoor applications only
  • Not for outdoor use, use under direct sunlight or high temperature applications
  • Water and moisture proof but not designed for continued immersion
  • Fire resistant yet lightweight
  • Resistant to acid and alkaline corrosion as well as mold, mildew and odors
  • Is non-porous so requires no sealers and will not rust, stain or crack under normal conditions
  • Clean with soft cloth or sponge using mild, non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Limited 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Typical Dimensions:

  • Standard size is 4’ X 8’ panels, 60 sheets per pallet, 12 pallets per truck load
  • Panel weight is 64 lbs
  • Panel thickness is 4.8 mm

Installation Suggestions:

Polymarm panels are lightweight, easy to carry, cut and fabricate. Cutting can be done with a skill saw, angle grinder, jigsaw, etc. To fabricate you can use a dremel tool, miter, etc. We suggest using 100% silicone to adhere panels but compatibility to the other substrate might need testing. We suggest applying the adhesive to the panel, apply circle blobs of silicone about 6”-8” apart throughout the sheet. We also suggest applying about a 1⁄4” thick continuous silicone bead all the way around the panel about 1⁄2” from the edge to insure good edge adhesion and prevent moisture or debris from getting behind the panel.

When using Polymarm for bathtub or shower enclosures, the backing substrate should be moisture resistant (green board, cement board, etc.) and if going over existing materials that are not porous (tile, cultured marble, etc.) a light sanding is suggested and wipe down with a rapidly flashing cleaner that leaves no residue (acetone, isopropyl alcohol). When adhering panels for bathtub or shower enclosures we suggest you use the available trim that compliments the color of your Polymarm panel and apply a continuous bead of silicone inside the trim’s groove the whole length of the trim. If our trim is not going to be used we suggest using a waterproof membrane strip behind the corners and behind any seam.

After installing, apply a bead of silicone to corners and seams, then spray some soapy water and wipe away excess. Please allow 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure.